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Small Wine Fridge

small wine fridge

Well Small World - The contents of my fridge

Well Small World - The contents of my fridge

Assignment no.6
Take a photograph of the contents of your fridge.
Do not alter anything in your fridge beforehand.

My fridge contains:
Pineapple Juice,
Cranberry Juice,
Can of Southern Comfort and Lemonade,
Bart yellow Thai curry paste,
Organic basil pesto,
Pataks balti curry paste,
Sharwoods black bean stir fry sauce
Cottage Delight lobster terrine
Lucozade alert plus drink,
Cooking lard,
2 packs of green grapes
Leerdammer cheese,
Cheddar cheese,
Heinz mayo light,
Tub of chilli salsa,
4x yakults,
3x Activia yogurt peach favour,
Mango slices,
Wafer thin cooked ham,
Lurpak spreadable lighter,
Soft + creamy cheese,
Smoked salmon slices,
Soda water,
Apple + raspberry juice,
Bertolli butter,
Diet coke,
Packet of cherry tomatoes,
New Charlotte pototoes,
Granny Smith apples,
Bird eye chillies,
Baby leaf salad,
2x Red onions,
3x Red peppers,
a Lemon,
Bunch of bananas,

In the door:
Hershey's kisses,
Hershey's cookie and cream chocolate bar,
Ginger blend paste,
Lemongrass blend paste,
Basil blend paste,
Garlic blend paste,
Hot chilli blend paste,
Coriander blend paste,
Hellmann's thousand island dressing,
Balsamic + garlic dressing,
Spanish chorizo,
Garlic cloves,
Oyster + spring onion sauce,
Cajun wedges spices,
Tropicana Orange Juice (with bits),
2Pints of semi-skimmed milk,
Italian rose wine and
Brita filter water jug

March 25th 2011 [084365]

March 25th 2011 [084365]

Just some of the food and drink for tomorrow's party. We are having a small-ish gathering to say farewell to friends and family tomorrow (Saturday) I have been busy baking some Australian cakes/biscuits, Anzac biscuits and Lamingtons. The rest of the food is in the fridge, James and I made lots of mini quiches in my Pampered Chef mini muffin tin earlier it has been getting lots of use today!

Will be a busy morning preparing the rest of the food, and also getting the house into order after the removals left yesterday, luckily we are hiring a hall for the party seeing as we have no furniture here! We have 2 viewings on the house as well, they were meant to come tomorrow but have postponed till Monday morning, when hopefully it will be less chaotic!

small wine fridge

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